A Very Charleston Christmas

In December of 2019, I visited Charleston, SC, for the very first time. Our home was still in Michigan, but Matt had accepted a new job in Charleston even though neither of us had ever been to Charleston. We had committed to this new adventure, so I flew down to Charleston for a few days... Continue Reading →

My 2021 reading list, thus far

If you know me at all, you know how much I LOVE books. With being a mom, however, I'm constantly finding my reading list to be so much more ambitious than what time allows me. I did end up reading quite a bit more in 2020 than I expected, despite the craziness of house projects,... Continue Reading →

New Roots

It began with a passing comment. I was laying on the couch, closing my eyes to fight off a headache. "Hey, just so you know, I submitted an application for a job in South Carolina. I don't think I'll get it, though." Matt was in the midst of job hunting. He was mostly submitting applications... Continue Reading →

Saving the Beauty

Last week, seemingly all within a single day, the two peony bushes in our backyard burst into bloom. They blossomed a bit early this year, perhaps due to the unusually warm temperatures here in Michigan. That very evening, Mother Nature gifted us an intensely strong, albeit short, downpour. My heart sunk instantly, for I’ve learned... Continue Reading →

Goodbye’s the Saddest Word

  One month ago today was one of the saddest, hardest days of my life. One month ago today, I wrapped you in a towel, placed you in the car, and pulled out of the driveway to start the drive to the vet's office. Each moment the wheels turned us closer and closer to our... Continue Reading →

A Festive 4th

Happy post-Independence Day! Celebrating the 4th of July has always been a favorite thing of mine. It's such a fun-filled, splendid holiday, right in the middle of the season, perfect for celebrating all of summer's most wonderful delights. This year, we had the pleasure of hosting a gathering at our house for two sets of... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Sweetness

A couple of weeks ago, a powerful windstorm swept through Michigan and slammed our area with near record winds, which lasted all day.  Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses lost power (over half a million, to be more precise). Emergency crews came in from surrounding states to assist with restoring the grid as a... Continue Reading →

The Power of Prayer

Prayer has always been a part of my life. Being raised in a Christian home, I learned to pray as soon as I could speak, even though my three year old prayers consisted of only, "Dear Jesus, Amen." There have been so many answered prayers in my life and so many,  many answered prayers by... Continue Reading →

Recipe: From-Scratch Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is often thought of as a holiday-time treat, but when you live in a frigid, snowy state like Michigan, it becomes a staple during the entire winter season. Over the years, I've come to appreciate the process {and the flavors!} of making recipes from scratch. So I was delighted when I recently came... Continue Reading →

Shining New Year

"Always, we begin again." ~St. Benedict I just love the beginning of a new year. As the first few days of 2017 creep in slowly, I can't but help feeling full of excitement and anticipation. No one loves the holidays more than I do, but it still always feels like such a breath of fresh... Continue Reading →

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