Welcome to Ever So Delightful! Here you shall find small glimpses of my life and the things that inspire me most. This is a personal blog where I share my passions: my faith, my family and friends, travel, our home, cooking & baking, and organization, among many other things.

I am wife to Matthew and “Mom” to our daughter, Makenna {9}, and son, David {6}. I’ve spent the vast majority of my life living in Michigan–it’s where I grew up, got married, started my job, had our babies and raised them…up until recently. As if 2020 weren’t enough to handle, we uprooted our family in August and relocated to Charleston, South Carolina. I’d always told Matthew that I’d never move far south, but as we know, God has a sense of humor, and when Matt was offered the perfect job in the beautiful, historic, charming city of Charleston, I just couldn’t say no! God has made it abundantly clear that He has prepared the way for us to lay down new roots in a brand new place to call “home.” I will have lots to share here about our new city and new home in South Carolina, so stay tuned!

Besides being an outlet for my own creative side, my hope is that you, dear reader, will find some small sources of inspiration here at Ever So Delightful. I invite you to join me {with cup of tea or coffee in hand} and set aside some moments to reflect on the beauty of this life, whether found in the big things or in the very smallest of things.