A Very Charleston Christmas

In December of 2019, I visited Charleston, SC, for the very first time. Our home was still in Michigan, but Matt had accepted a new job in Charleston even though neither of us had ever been to Charleston.

We had committed to this new adventure, so I flew down to Charleston for a few days to see it for the very first time. Matt had already been in the area for a few weeks with his new job, and we were very eager to explore the area and get an idea of where we might buy a house and put down our new South Carolina roots.

We designated our first day entirely to exploring downtown Charleston, even though we weren’t scoping out possible new homes. I mean–this was Charleston! The charming city I had heard so much about from others, the city which I had always dreamt of visiting one day. And now, it was about to become our new home.

My heart was filled with anticipation. Matt and I spent hours aimlessly wandering the antiquated streets, bursting with charm and old-world style. The entire downtown had been adorned with the most beautiful Christmas décor. That element alone made the city of Charleston seem even more magical to me.

Two years later, I truly could not feel happier that we have made a new life here. It has started to really feel like home.

This week, I decided to take a morning stroll by myself through downtown Charleston with my camera in hand. On such a sunny, quiet day, I relished wandering from street to street, snapping photos of the breathtaking historic homes, churches, and buildings dressed in all their holiday splendor.

I took so many photos that it was hard to narrow it down to the couple dozen I’ve selected to share here! I especially enjoyed seeing all the homes decorated with magnolia-leaf wreaths and garlands. It’s a slight deviation from the traditional evergreen, but is breathtakingly beautiful and appropriately Southern-feeling.

Notice in this picture how the door is slightly ajar with the Christmas tree visible inside? Just lovely!

I still pinch myself that we get to live here! I highly recommend visiting Charleston in December if you are like me and very much enjoy a Charles-Dickens-Christmastime feeling. It is also an extremely pleasant time of year in South Carolina temperature-wise.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek at our very merry-looking Charleston!

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