Saving the Beauty


Last week, seemingly all within a single day, the two peony bushes in our backyard burst into bloom. They blossomed a bit early this year, perhaps due to the unusually warm temperatures here in Michigan.

That very evening, Mother Nature gifted us an intensely strong, albeit short, downpour. My heart sunk instantly, for I’ve learned over the years what a heavy rain does to my beloved peony bushes.

The next morning, just as I’d feared, I discovered the flowers all drooped over, hanging upside down near to the earth. When this happens, the flowers will never perk back up on my bushes because the flowers are just too heavy after becoming wet.

I made it my mission this year to save these lovely flowers before gravity could force the petals to fall all too soon. My kitchen and dining area is now overflowing with the most gorgeous peony bouquets in shades of pink. The smell is incredible and I’m amazed at how these flowers have brightened both the atmosphere of our home and my mood over the past week.

Our peony bushes produce so many blooms that I’ve had no choice but to gift giant bouquets of peonies to family and friends recently, lest these lovely flowers go to waste. I have to admit that this is my first year cutting so many flowers to share with others. It has brought me such joy seeing the smiles of others as I pass along the beauty that from here on out, I won’t be able to resist sharing these lovely flowers as much as possible.


As a flower-admirer, I had always liked peonies, but since owning my own peony bushes, they are quickly becoming some of the flowers I love the very most. Elegant, fragrant, and coming in the most glorious colors, how can one not adore them? With all the hard work we put into planting and landscaping each year, these bushes really endear themselves to me as the require little to no effort, yet give so abundantly.

I guess ultimately I’m glad that heavy spring rains have forced me to rescue these blooms this year by bringing the beauty indoors and passing them along to others!


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