Shining New Year

Photo taken at Inveraray Castle, Scotland

Always, we begin again.” ~St. Benedict

I just love the beginning of a new year. As the first few days of 2017 creep in slowly, I can’t but help feeling full of excitement and anticipation. No one loves the holidays more than I do, but it still always feels like such a breath of fresh air as the New Year arrives. I can breathe again. 

When I start thinking about planning for this year, my mind starts building to-do lists and making mental maps month by month. Yet my heart cries out and I am forced to stop and refresh, to slow down after all the hurriedness that the end of year brings. I look ahead to 2017 and firmly say, “I will do my best.”

If I sit quietly, it’s as almost as if I can hear a page turning, ever so softly. Life is just like a novel with twist and turns, joy and sorrow awaiting us at each new chapter. And just as that keeps a novel exciting, it also keeps real life exciting, don’t you think?

Although our Christmas icicle lights are glimmering through the living room curtains, I can hear the rain falling outside, washing away the last of our 2016 Michigan snow. Everyone is asleep in the house and it is delightfully quiet. My heart is warm, and my mind is whispering, welcome 2017, welcome.

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